Half Marathon

May 11, 2019 at 8:00am


Bicentennial Park (2641 N 400 E) next to Lee's Marketplace

Barker Park (2376 N Fruitland Drive)


See Registration page for current pricing.  

Race Route

The half marathon starts at North Ogden Park at 8:00 AM on 450 East and heads West on Elberta Drive past Lomond View Park to the infamous “Mile Hill.”  Runners will descend the mountain along the Canal road to the base of the North Ogden Divide and through 4.2 miles of North Ogden’s beautiful trail-ways.  Runners will work their way back up through North Ogden, passing Green Acres and Barker Park, and finish the race heading south into North Ogden Park. 


Elevation for the N.O. Limits Half Marathon begins at 4,369 feet above sea level.  Runners will experience a 587 foot total elevation change and finish the race at 4,414 feet above sea level.

Packet Pick-Up

Pick up your race bag at the North Ogden Parks and Recreation Office (2705 North 550 East) either Thursday, May 9th or Friday, May 10th between 8:00am and 5:00pm.  

Same Day Registration

Same Day Registration starts at 7:00am at the Parks and Recreation Office at North Ogden Park.  Same Day Registration Cost: $55 (Half Marathon) and $35 (5K).  We accept cash, check and credit cards for same-day registration.  The first 250 runners registered will receive a FREE PERFORMANCE T-SHIRT and DRAW STRING RACE BAG.


Parking is available at North Ogden Park in both the North and South lots.  

Clothes Drops & Personal Belongings

There will be bins at each aid station along the race route.  If you have any items that you need to drop during the race, please place them in these bins as you run past.  All gear collected at the aid stations will be brought to the finish line at North Ogden Park.  Gear dropped anywhere else along the race route will not be collected.  All gear not retrieved from the finish line or Parks and Recreation office by Friday, May 4th, 2018 will be thrown away.  North Ogden City is not responsible for lost or stolen gear/bags.  

Starting Areas

The starting line for the half marathon will be at North Ogden Park,just west of the basketball courts.  Restrooms are available at the park, and last minute instructions will be provided at the starting areas.  As a courtesy to other runners, please line up according to estimated race time, allowing the fastest runners to the front.  The Half Marathon will start at 8:00am.  


The races will be chip-timed. Your time will begin when your cross the starting line, not at the start gun, and will stop when you cross the finish line. Timing will be coordinated by Stride racing.  You will be given a chip at the beginning of the race (in your race bag) that needs to go on your shoe.  These chips need to be returned at the end of the race. 

Road Safety

We have done our best to mark any hazards along the race trail.  A good portion of the race is on unpaved trail and may have uneven ground.  Race volunteers and police officers will be present at all major intersections and turns on the course to help guide runners and stop traffic when necessary.  We have posted caution signs at road crossings and ask that you be aware of road traffic around you.  Please watch for cars when crossing the streets, and follow the direction of all safety officials and volunteers in order to ensure your safety.  There will be a race crew member following the last runner of both the half marathon and 5K who will be able to provide emergency assistance and call for help if needed. 

Course Time Limits

The half marathon course will remain open until 11:30 AM.  Any runners still on the course after that time will be considered pedestrians throughout the course duration.  To make it to the finish by this time, half marathon runners will need to average a 16:00 minute/mile pace.  This is equivalent to a very light jog, or brisk power walk.  Any participants still on the course after these cut off times may continue to proceed along the course route to the finish area, but aid station and traffic control will not be available.

Race Pacing

This race does not have pacers.  You can run at your own pace and enjoy the spectacular views.  

Aid & Medical Stations

There will be seven aid and/or medical stations along the race route (marked in black on the race map).  All of our aid stations will be supplied with electrolyte fluids and water.  Medical stations are noted in red on the race map and will be equipped with first aid supplies such as bandages and vaseline.  If you are in need of these items, please stop and ask the volunteers at the station and they will be able to help you. 


Restrooms will be available at each of the parks (North Ogden, Lomond View, Mountain View, Equestrian, Orton/Green Acres and Barker).  Mountain View (Mile 4.75) has the restroom closest to the race route.  The restrooms are in the buildings located at each park. 


There will be photographers at a few locations along the course to take pictures of your race experience. Be sure to smile, make a face, or strike a pose for the cameras as you go by.  Also make sure that your bib number is visible.  Photographers will also be at the finish line to take your photo in front of our finisher backdrop.  


Come prepared for any type of weather.  We can't control it, but we can provide some historical data for you over the past few years.

Average High: 68
Average Low: 45

Spectator Locations

Our courses have some great areas for you to cheer for your runner.  We know you want to be supportive, but please remember that spectators are not allowed on the course at any time.  Instead, bring your posters, horns and banners and cheer from one of our favorite spectator spots:

Mile 0----------- Starting Line – North Ogden Park
Mile 2----------- Mile Hill (500 W)
Mile 4.75------- Mountain View Park
Mile 6.5--------- Equestrian Park Trailhead
Mile 10.5------- Orton/Green Acres Park
Mile 11.7------- Barker Park
Mile 13.1------- Finish Line – North Ogden Park

Age Divisions

Age divisions include the following:

19 & Under
20-24 years
25-29 years
30-34 years
35-39 years
40-49 years
50-59 years

60 and over


Race times will be available shortly after you cross the line at North Ogden Park.  They will also be posted online as soon as possible after the race.  

Awards & Ceremonies

All runners completing the half marathon will receive one of our incredible finisher's medals as they cross the finish line. Additionally, the top three finishers in each age division will receive a division ribbon.  The top male and female finishers for the half marathon will receive $100 each.  The top male and female finishers for the 5K will receive cash prizes, or gifts from our sponsors.  The awards ceremonies will take place at 10:00 AM for both races.